Have a Seat

Come on in and have a seat…

If you were to come to my front door today, that is what I would say to you… “Come in… have a seat… make yourself comfortable.”  But as you step into my home and take a look around, you would look at me expectantly.  Where should you sit?  What seat am I offering you?

There are many chairs to choose from in my house.  I might lead you to my dining room table and offer you one of the sturdy chairs around the roughly hewn table top.  I could lay a quilted place mat in front of you and serve you a meal as you sit among the rest of my family.

Or I could lead you to the family room and offer you a seat on our well-worn couch.  There is no coffee table in front of you, just a natural sisal rug scattered with toys, but I’m sure you would be comfortable.

Or I could lead you to the kitchen.  It’s the most lived-in room of the house, where we spend most of our time.  It also has the dirtiest floor in the house, what with the screen door leading to the driveway, yard, and neighborhood.  But we have a tall kitchen stool that you might like to sit on while I finish doing the dishes.

Where would you like to sit?  If you left it up to me, I would lead you to what we’ve come to see as the best seat in the house.  It’s not the dining room chair, though I’d love to share a meal with you.  It’s not the family room couch, though that might be the most comfortable.  Yep, you guessed it.  I’d lead you to that kitchen stool.

Why is the kitchen stool the best seat in the house?  Well, we like to say “a lot of living goes on in our house,” and most of that living takes place around our kitchen stools.  Cooking, pouring tea, cleaning up, talking, laughing, crying.  You could just prop your elbows up on the bar and take it all in.  Share in the conversations.

I love the kitchen stool because it represents something I highly value… discipleship.  If I had to define discipleship in a few words, I would simply say that it means walking with Jesus.  And as disciples walk with Jesus, we learn from Him and, hopefully, become more like Him.  And in our home, lots of discipleship takes place on our kitchen stools.

My husband and I take turns sitting on these kitchen stools while the other works in the kitchen.  We talk about the events of the day, our struggles, our plans.  Our kids sit on the kitchen stools, too. We discuss what’s going on in their lives, what they need, what they’re hoping for.  Lots of other people sit on our stools as well such as friends, neighbors, and members of our church community.  We strive to focus all these kitchen stool conversations on Jesus and His gospel.

The kitchen stool is right in the middle of things, showing that discipleship is the center of our lives.  It’s the reason we live, actually.  We want our home, our work, our play– and the writing on these pages– to revolve around discipleship: walking with Jesus, loving His gospel, and encouraging one another to become more like Him.