Advent challenge

We’ve been feeling a little sluggish lately at our house, both physically and spiritually. We’ve been busy this fall and have settled into some not-so-healthy routines. (Can you relate?) We could wait for January and join the masses at the gym, but we’ve decided to go ahead and make a fresh start now.

To begin with, we exchanged presents with our big kids the day after Thanksgiving. We all got the same thing… brand new tennies 😀.

We also issued a challenge to each other: exercise in some way 6 days a week during the month of December. We gave a spiritual challenge as well: exercise spiritually by reading an advent devotional online. (Click here to check out the devotional we chose.) We plan to discuss it together when we get the chance throughout the month.

Advent begins today, the fourth Sunday before Christmas. As we think of Christ’s advent (or coming), it’s a good opportunity to prepare for it. Purge, simplify, focus. Those are not typical words for December, I know. We still plan to put up the tree and bake the cookies, but we’re going to keep things simple this year. We’re going to try to prepare our hearts for Jesus.

I can think of nothing else I want more for Christmas than for my family to grow spiritually together. I’m looking forward to Christmas not so much for the presents since we’ve already exchanged those, but for the conversation about what we learned and how we grew this month. I’ll let you know how it goes.

So after we trim the tree, let’s lace up our tennies and do things a little differently this year. Want to join us?


One comment

  1. I love this! Very inspirational! What a great way to work together as a family and seek God in the process! I look forward to reading more about how it works for your family.

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