Give or receive?

During the holiday season, we talk a lot about giving. That “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). And, of course, I believe this is true. Giving to others can bless your socks off. And I agree, you are more blessed when you give than when you receive.

Until it comes to your time with God.

Regular, set-aside, daily time with God is more about receiving than giving. Receiving whatever he has for you that day.

Do you think that sounds selfish? Do you think you need to give to God more than you need to receive? I’m definitely more comfortable with that. Giving or “doing” can be easier than receiving. I’ve been a do-er from birth. (Can anyone relate?) I feel good when I get things done. Do my part. Fulfill my responsibility. Meet expectations (or exceed them). I “do” pretty well.

But when regular time with God becomes something “to do” things can get a little ugly. You might fool yourself, like I did, into thinking that you are earning something. That God needs something from you more than you need something from him.

When you acknowledge that God is the giver and you the receiver, you admit that you have needs. Big ones. That you aren’t perfect. That you stand in the same place every morning: in desperate need of God and what He has to give you.


And He has really good things to give you. A feast, really, every day.

He knows what you need. You just need to know that you need. Go to him every day to receive. You’ll be blessed, I promise.


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