31 Days of Fiction for Girls

October means it’s 31-days time again! Lots of authors and bloggers spend the month of October writing 31-day-long series about all sorts of interesting subjects (click here to see everyone’s topics). I’m writing a series called “31 Days of Fiction for Girls” on my other blog, His Girls Together. In this series, I am posting 31 suggestions of good books for girls of all ages to read and enjoy. (I am not posting every day in October because I’m also doing an endless stream of dishes and taking people to school and doing everyone’s laundry and trying to keep the toys picked up as well as my sanity in tact, but I’ll reach 31 posts eventually… hopefully by Thanksgiving :).) Click here to find those good reads!


My His Girls Together site is dedicated to encourage discipleship between girls and their moms or mentors. You can find a weekly devotional for girls to experience with their moms or mentors here. Feel free to pass it on to anyone who might be encouraged by it!

31 daysAnd if you’re a 31-Days reader, you can enter to win a $500 Dayspring shopping spree! Simply read a post by a 31-Days writer and click on her link to enter. You can find the link on my latest post here.

Last October, I wrote a series called “31 Days to Your Calling.” It’s a 31-Day journal opportunity to help you figure out what you’re on this earth to do and be… if that sounds 31 Days Button - 2like something you’d like to pursue, click here for the first post in that series.

That’s a lot of clicks for your Sunday! Whatever you pursue today, remember that you are loved by the One who created you and rest in that. He is pursuing you. You don’t have to do one more thing to make that real. Maybe you should just turn and let him catch you today. (No clicks necessary :).)

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