What’s new?

What’s new at your house? Chances are, if you’re like a lot of us, you’re starting a new school year. I love the start of a new school year for a whole bunch of reasons. Running a close second to freshly sharpened pencils (my clear #1 reason) is the chance to do things differently. Create new patterns, habits, routines, ways of doing the everyday.

Sometimes our everyday stuff needs a little fresh air. No better time than the early days of fall to open the doors and let a little something new in. My big kids started school a few weeks ago, but my littlest little just started preschool this week. I’ve got 2 mornings a week now of… quiet.


I’m excited to start new things with this little bit of time on my hands. Beginning a new class at the gym, discovering new parts of our city, making new friends. But while I’ve been lacing up my tennis shoes and sharpening my pencils, the Lord has been whispering something to me…

Behold, I am making all things new…

In his grace, Jesus wants in on my “new.” He wants me to experience him in new ways, he wants to show me new things. And he actually wants to make me new. Not just new schools and new routines, but a new… me. Jesus knows all about new. He creates new. I want in on that.

I’m encouraged to seek him in new ways. And I’ll encourage you to do the same. Pray out loud as you take a walk (it’s ok, people will think you’re talking on the phone). Carry your journal in the car to write down what you’re hearing him say. Take your Bible outside. Turn the music up loud, or off. Download an audio Bible on your phone. Ask him for new ideas: “Jesus, how can I experience you in a new way?” I think he’ll really like that question.

Being in the middle of “new” is a great place to be. Want to join me in doing new things? What ideas do you have on seeking Jesus in new ways?

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2 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. L- Thank you for this post! It’s the second time I have read something similar. I must’ve really needed to hear it! My “new” has been tricky this fall and I wouldn’t have chosen the word excited to describe how I am feeling about it. At. All. My involuntary strategy has been “fearfully approaching” and “painfully dreading” the new. I liked the “old”. I didn’t want to change it! Alas, this week on the quiet porch of the little mountain town, Jefferson, NC, God whispered..”He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.” This new perspective towards our fall is so refreshing! I didn’t realize why I was approaching the new fall so poorly until I read your post and realized I felt the exact opposite about our “new”. Ha! Ha! I love how the Lord uses all of our seasons of old and new and strands our lives together to refine us!! Love you friend and miss you, too!

  2. Love your thoughts..as usual!! Funny because I have been sensing God tell me the same…things will be new and different this fall. I saw it mostly in my routine as I finally admitted Jacob needed to be homeschooled for his sensory issues and developmental delays….BUT God was saying this to me for deeper reasons. He is continuing to grow me…chip away at my ugliness! It’s hurts, it’s humbling and yet..new and refreshing. I am renewing my mind more as I am surrendering. Wow! It is new! And different! I can “see” things differently now…react differently and even approach things differently. So i am surrendering to this new and different as well! Love you friend. Praying for your new as well!

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