You are our home

So we moved.

And after everything flew upward, into the wind, the settling down is just now beginning to take place. Nothing is where it was before; everything is finding a new home.


We are discovering new roads, new people, new schools, new coffee shops, new new grocery stores. We are in a new house in a new neighborhood in a new city in a new state. It’s all new. And a little strange. And a little wonderful. And a little scary.

Back in the spring, I anticipated this change and began to brainstorm how to help my children through it. I’ve felt most concerned for my little boys. They’ve experienced so much change and upheaval in their short lives, I didn’t want to mess with their sense of “home.”

Then I remembered.

Our home is not made of red brick or cream yellow vinyl siding. Our home does not reside in the familiar rooms or on the comfortable couch.

Our home always has been, and always will be, in Jesus.

Lord, you have been our home since the beginning.

Before the mountains were born and before you created the earth and the world, you are God.

You have always been, and you will always be.  Psalm 90.1-2

IMG_3944Jesus was home for my boys before they were born. He was their home as they went through trauma in their early months. He is their home now, as we leave the first place they have known permanence and move to a new house in a new city.

And He is my home, too, and yours. No matter what kind of change we might experience, Jesus is our permanence, our bricks and mortar, our dependable and comfortable home. He will never move, change, sleep, or let us down. He has been our home since the beginning. And long after our craftsman farmhouses and urban bungalows are gone, he will still be.

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  1. This is beautiful, Lindsay. And so is your blog! I guess I haven’t been there in a while since I get your posts in my email. It looks great! Looking forward to catching up in a few days.

  2. Thanks for your post..great reminder today. Needed to hear this…as you know life with teenagers and adopted toddlers is quite the “wilderness”..for some reason it was more difficult today. But Knowing my Home. My security and my purpose is in Christ is always a comfort. Thank you sweet friend.

  3. Thank you for this post. It is a great reminder. I miss seeing you here in Tennessee, but I am so thankful to be near you through this blog.

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