Faith vs. Fear

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I’ve been waking up a little fearful lately, my mind in overdrive… What if the house doesn’t sell? What if we run out of savings? What if this move is hard? What if we don’t make friends? What if this is too hard on my fragile kiddos?

That’s fear talking. Do you know her voice? She wanders down the aisle shopping for the worst-case-scenario. She fusses and fidgets, always thinking about what bad thing might happen. She has trouble focusing because of a low-grade anxiety that shadows her days. Sometimes that undercurrent of anxiety swells into wave that threatens to take everybody down with her. That’s fear.

Fear and I have been pretty good friends lately.

Then one day, unexpectedly, I hear this from the Lord: Tomorrow morning when you wake up, instead of worrying about how all these details will work out, say out loud, Won’t this be fun to see how God works out all these details!”


That’s not fear talking. That’s… don’t tell me… I think I might recognize it… faith.

Do you know faith’s voice? She begins each day with expectation, wondering what good things God has in store. She looks for him everywhere as she goes through her day, watching for the ways he is meeting her, reassuring her, delighting in her. She remembers how God has been faithful in the past, and she anticipates how he will be faithful in the future.

In fact, when she thinks about the future, she laughs.

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” Proverbs 31.25

Or as The Message has it, “she always faces tomorrow with a smile.”

Are you with me? Let’s wake up tomorrow with a smile. Let’s listen to faith rather than fear. Let’s believe that God has good things planned for us. Let’s laugh at the days to come, even if they look difficult from here.

Won’t this be fun! 🙂

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  1. Thank you Lindsay! My family & I are also on the precipice of a big transition. Fear has been more a part of my life than I would like to admit. God is using your writing as one of the voices reminding me that this is fun! because of faith in our trustworthy God.

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