Invite him in

What did you learn during Lent this year?

I shared with you all a couple of weeks ago that this year, I gave up my quiet times during Lent. My traditional, routine, disciplined “quiet times” had become much more about me than they were about God. So I gave them up.

What did I do instead? (I didn’t tell you that part.) As we all know, the Lenten season is about giving something up in order to experience God in a more meaningful way. So in giving up my regular devotion times, I have experimented with a different way of experiencing time with God.

Rather than setting aside a specific time of day with my Bible and my highlighter (nerd alert), I’ve been doing something different. The best way I know to describe it is, I’ve been inviting God into my moments. A friend of mine suggested this, and I’ve learned so much from trying it.

As I’ve gone throughout my day, I’ve been trying to invite God into my moments. All of them. The quiet ones when I have a moment to breathe with a cup of tea on my window seat (rare). The loud ones when my 5-year-old is operating a remote control car in the kitchen, my 15-year-old is giving me her Target list, and my 2-year-old is yelling something unintelligible upstairs. The frustrating ones when my husband and I aren’t communicating well and irritating the heck out of one another. All of them. I’ve been inviting him in. Remembering that he’s near. Very close, in fact. Asking him to please let me hear his voice. What he thinks about these moments of mine.


I’ve heard something surprising things from God during these moments. Not the things I expected to hear. I expected to hear something like, “Well, looks like you should have had your quiet time this morning. Then you wouldn’t be struggling so much right now.” Praise our God of all grace, that is not what I heard. I heard things like…

I’m here.  It’s going to be ok.  Deep breath.  I’m with you.  Lean on me.

So very beautiful. So very unexpected. And so very undeserved.

During Lent this year I’ve learned  some valuable truths:

My relationship with God is more about his faithfulness and consistency rather than my own.

God is working, even when I’m not.

My growth (and the growth of those I love) depends on God, not on me.

Stay tuned for more about time with God. Because I don’t want to go back to my old way of doing things. I want to keep growing and changing and experiencing God in a new way. Don’t you?

What did you learn during Lent this year?

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  1. Lindsay, this is beautiful. I love how God is always there, even our “not quiet” times. That’s when I need him the most! Thank you for this. I gave up my personal Facebook page because I spent so much time comparing my life to others. It was so freeing to not check that newsfeed every 5 seconds to see what everyone else was doing and instead I could grow closer to Him.

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