The reminder you really need

What do you need most in 2015? Most of us are undoubtedly reevaluating our lives and considering making changes for the new year. More exercise, tweak the diet, get up earlier, reduce media. I’ve been doing the same.

Recently, however, one of my best friends gave me what I really need most for 2015. She knew I had been having a few hard days and she called, leaving me this voicemail message:

Hey Lindsay, I know you’re probably right in the middle of things with the kids, but I wanted you to know that I’m praying for you. I’m praying that you will be able to take a few minutes to just breathe and know that God is with you, and that He loves you. He loves you just because of who you are, Lindsay. You don’t have to get it all right. He loves you anyway, He is with you, and He is giving you strength whether you feel strong or not. I just wanted to remind you of that.

Susan gave me the reminder I really need. She reminded me of the gospel. She reminded of what I have because I belong to Christ. She reminded me that it’s not all up to me, I don’t have to “get it all right.” (Sigh… sigh of relief here.) She reminded me that I am loved, not based on how I perform, but just because of who I am.


If you don’t have a Susan in your life who leaves you voicemail gifts like this one, consider this post your new year reminder. The reminder you really need. What you really need in 2015 is not necessarily fewer carbs or more discipline. What you really need is Jesus. A reminder of what you already have in the gospel. Freedom. Acceptance. Love. Strength.

So as you head into a new year, make changes if you feel like they’re necessary. But don’t forget what you really need. Remind yourself of the gifts you’ve been given in the gospel. Relax and enjoy them. And give a friend a call and remind her, too.


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