Day 29: Your mission

So far you’ve written your calling statement: I am created to...

And you’ve brainstormed your calling image: I am like a...

Now we’re going to put those two together and write out your mission:

I am called to…

Your mission will be a paragraph describing your calling. Let me explain by showing you how my calling themes came together:

My calling statement: I am created to communicate truth.

I am like a teapot.

I am called to take in truth like a teapot takes in water. I fill myself with truth in any way I can. Through Scripture, through stories, through other believers, through creation itself, I drink in truth. My life experiences are like loose tea. They, too, are poured in and mix with the truth, interacting and blending together. As my life interfaces with truth, something new is formed. My life experiences steep in truth like tea steeps in hot water, developing something new and nourishing. When the steeping is done, the new “tea” is ready to be poured out and shared with others. It might pour out through words, both written and spoken, or through dance, worship, or prayer. It is my life’s joy to share my “tea” with those around me. I have no greater joy than to share what I’ve learned and experienced in the hope that it will strengthen, refresh, and nourish someone else.


 That’s my calling.

For the last two remaining days in our series, you’ll brainstorm how to live out your calling out in your everyday life.

But for today, write out your mission…

Daily Journal Question: What is your mission? Using your calling statement and calling image, write a paragraph describing what your calling looks like as you use it to serve other people.

This post is part of a 31-day series designed to help you Discover Your Calling. To read the introduction and see the post titles in order, click here.31 Days Button - 2

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