Day 28: Your calling image

Today may be my favorite day out of the whole discover your calling journey. For all you visual learners out there, this day is for you. Today you will take the calling statement you wrote yesterday and transform it into an image. A visual representation of what you sense God created you to do and be. A picture of your calling.

Today we will finish the sentence, “I am like a…”

Yep, for all you English majors you’re going to write a simile. Compare yourself to something. Have fun with it!

For all you non-English majors, I’ll give you a hand. Let’s look at the calling statement examples I gave you yesterday and brainstorm what their corresponding images might be…

God created me to speak truth. (A megaphone? A microphone?)

God created me to comfort the brokenhearted. (How about a warm blanket?)

God created me to bring order out of chaos(A puzzle worker? A closet organizer?)

God created me to support godly leaders. (A foundation? A ladder?)

God created me to engage the fringe.  (A shepherd’s staff? A hand-written invitation?)

God created me to design beautiful spaces. (A paintbrush? A sculptor?)

God created me to encourage the discouraged. (A forklift? HA… I can’t think of anything else!)

Some of those may make sense to you and some of them may not, and that’s ok! Your calling image really needs to make sense only to you. It’s a powerful image meant to express how God designed you. When I try to remind myself on any given day what my calling is, my calling image often comes to mind first. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

FullSizeRender 4


Want to know what my calling image is?

I am like a teapot.

Want to know why? I’ll tell you tomorrow :).

Daily Journal Question: What is your calling image? Take some time to think about the calling statement you wrote yesterday and turn it into a picture. What image best expresses how God has designed you?


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