Day 25: I could do this forever!

When was the last time you had the thought, “I could do this forever!”?

I often ask that question in the classes I teach on calling. Remember, I’m still operating under the principle that God made us for a purpose, and when we are living out that purpose something will feel “right.” We might even feel like saying, “I could do this forever!”

Have you ever had a thought like that? Whatever you were doing at that moment in time is worth looking at closely. I asked my friend, Gretchen, the question when was the last time you had the thought, “I could do this forever!”? and this is how she answered:

“Our church has an annual picnic and baptism that I have helped to plan and coordinate for the past 3 years.  The past 2 picnics have been especially memorable and definitive for me personally. I have been thinking through my God-given calling and purpose and taking steps into areas where my strengths can be used.  During two separate instances at these picnics, I found myself overjoyed and absolutely content.  Both times I was doing something pretty typical, but when I had a chance to think about it, I was overwhelmed in the IMG_6617best way that it was more than typical. At the first picnic, I took a step back from the food line after replenishing some hotdog buns, looked over the crowd, and thought to myself, “I could do this for the rest of my life.”  Never before had I thought that in any other situation, and it gave even more meaning to what I was doing. Again, just a few weeks ago, this picnic came around again and it was a little more hectic this year due to weather and last minute changes.  Nevertheless, as about 225 people were all packed under a picnic shelter (because it was raining), I stepped back to gather my thoughts of what else I needed to do before we ate… And laughed to myself, because THIS was exactly what I wanted and needed to be doing!  It was the best!  There was nothing else I could imagine myself doing at that moment! It has been a blessing for the Lord to affirm a calling of hospitality and administration, seeing others as individuals, and bringing me to a place of pure joy, overwhelming peace, and simply having fun.  All initial stress melts away and it’s obvious that Jesus is there too enjoying the picnic with me, making it all worth it.” 

I love that Gretchen thought, I could do this for the rest of my life over a package of hotdog buns :). I am one of the grateful recipients of Gretchen’s gifts on a daily basis as she helps my husband administrate all the details of our church. It has been such a joy to help her discover her calling and watch it come alive. All 225 of us at the picnic enjoyed the way God made Gretchen that day, and she enjoyed it, too.

Your turn!

Daily Journal Question: When was the last time you had the thought, “I could do this forever!”? What were you doing? What were the circumstances? Who benefitted from your work? Look closely at that moment and write about it in your journal.

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