Day 24: What were you like in the 3rd grade?

Or any grade in elementary school, for that matter. (Don’t think about middle school, you probably don’t want to remember what you were like in middle school :).) Back in the days before you started trying to “figure out who you are,” who were you??

FullSizeRenderWhen I was in elementary school, I loved waking up to a rainy day in the summertime. Probably not typical for most kids, but for me a rainy day meant I could stay home and read or write or do whatever I liked. A rainy day meant I didn’t have to go to the pool and get hot and sweaty and talk to people all day.

I still love rainy days, honestly, for a lot of the same reasons! The heart of that 3rd grader who loved to spend time alone reading and thinking and writing still beats in this grown-up girl’s body. I haven’t changed that much.

I suspect you haven’t either. That’s why I’m asking you today, what were you like in the 3rd gradeWhat made you happy? What did you do back in the days when you had free time? When you had the freedom to choose what you did with your time? Are any of those same things true today? If so, they are worth writing down. That 3rd grade heart holds keys to your grown-up heart… and your calling.

Daily Journal Question: What were you like as a kid? What did you do when you had the freedom to choose what to do? Think back to those elementary school days and write what you remember in your journal.

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