Day 21: Redemptive words

Yesterday you asked your friends some questions. One of the questions was, “How would you describe me in a few words?” Hopefully you found someone who knows you well, and you wrote down what they told you.

Today your question is simple:

What do you wish they would have said??

That may sound like a funny question, but I’m asking it for a reason. How do you wish your friends would describe you? Really?

IMG_2592For example, my friends might describe me as dependable and trustworthy. Those are good traits, for sure, but for some reason, I don’t feel like they “get at” my heart. Often I am dependable and trustworthy because I’m afraid of making people mad or getting criticized. Revealing the source of those traits shows that, in my heart, they are not coming from a redemptive place.

How do I wish my friends would describe me? What are the redemptive words I long to hear? What are the words that describe me when I feel like I’m being the best me there is?

Some redemptive words that seem to rise out of my heart are creative, joyful,  maybe even carefree. Those words don’t describe me naturally, but they describe me redemptively.

What about you? What are your redemptive words? Think about it, and write your thoughts in your journal.

Daily Journal Question: How do you wish your friends would describe you? What are the redemptive words that rise out of your heart? Write them down in your journal.

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