Day 18: Giving it away

photo 1John and I were newlyweds, excited to get involved in our first church as a married couple. We also felt giddy over renting our first tiny apartment and inviting people over to enjoy it with us. So when we started to think about how we could serve our new church body, hosting a small group in our home seemed like a natural fit.

In the meantime, I applied for a job with the church to edit their monthly newsletter. This, too, seemed like a good use of my gifts and abilities. During the interview, the staff member in charge of the newsletter asked me a funny question, “Do you volunteer in the nursery?”

“Um, no I don’t,” I answered a little hesitantly. I thought of that door at the front of the sanctuary that all the kids traipse through before the sermon. I didn’t have kids at the time and didn’t feel like I was particularly good with children, so I had never actually walked through that door.

“Oh,” my interviewer replied with disappointment evident on his face, “around here we consider you part of the family if you volunteer in the nursery.” Meaning, I guess, that he wanted to hire a “family member” to edit the newsletter.

I was confused but had enough wits about me to reply, “My husband and I have volunteered to host a small group in our home… isn’t that considered part of the family, too?”

I remember the man looking a little nonplussed. I’m just a little ashamed to admit that the look on his face still brings a slight smile to my face this many years later.

I didn’t get the newsletter job. But John and I helped start a newlywed small group which met weekly in various tiny apartments for a year. That group of people ended up being one of the best blessings of our new marriage. Some of the friends we made that year we still call friends today.

IMG_2104Today we’re going to look at how you can use your gifts to serve your friends in the body of Christ. The best place to start is to see where you’re already doing just that.

How are you already using your gifts to benefit your church?

Think about your involvement in your local church body. What are you involved in? How are you contributing? Are you doing something because it is expected of you, or are you truly using your gifts? What do you actually enjoy doing at church?

If this list is a little skimpy, then ask yourself, how could I better use my gifts to benefit the body?

Brainstorm these questions and write your answers in your journal.

Daily Journal Question: How are you using your gifts to benefit your local church body? Look over the spiritual gifts you discovered yesterday and ask yourself, “How might I use these gifts at my church in a way I truly enjoy?”

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