Day 16: Your passions

Sometimes the healed places are the strongest.

IMG_7284That’s what the orthopedic surgeon told my son after his knee surgery in the middle of his high school senior soccer season. A completely severed ACL and a flipped meniscus ended Sterling’s soccer season on the sidelines of a tournament game. He felt broken, in more ways than one.

His surgeon, however, cheered him slightly by telling him the truth about his knee. With the latest surgical techniques and materials, his knee would not only be as good as new. It would be stronger. Super encouraging to a guy who loved the game of soccer and hoped to play on the college level.

The same is true for you and me. We’ve been talking for past couple of days about how God is in the business of mending broken things. But the places he mends don’t stay weak and vulnerable. They grow strong. Stronger than before. And they hold power.

I’ve seen this in my life and in the lives of my friends. The friend who had an abortion as a young teenager and now makes herself available to girls who also need healing and hope. The friend who got caught up in a homosexual relationship but is now repentant and passionate about counseling others considering a similar lifestyle. Healed places hold strength. Power. Hope for the people around us.


You’ve looked at your broken places. You’ve seen how God has mended you. Now, what passions might be stirring in those places? What hope do you have to share?

Daily Journal Question: What are your passions? Look over the broken places you wrote about on Day 14 and how you’ve experienced God’s mending on Day 15. Reflect on how God has made you stronger in those places than before. Do any passions rise out of those experiences?

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