Day 15: Your mending

Yesterday I asked you to do something hard. I asked you to remember the times in your life when you’ve been broken and to write about them. Today, we move on to sunnier skies.


Because, remember?

God is in the business of mending broken things.

IMG_2016Today we write about how we’ve been mended by God. Healed. Made new.

Look back over your list of broken times, broken things, broken relationships, broken dreams. Has God mended any of those places? Can you see the “good” that God has faithfully brought about (Romans 8:28)? If so, write that down with great gratitude.

Not yet? Ask him to. Remember, he is in the business of mending broken things. And I’ll tell you this: no low point in your life needs to ever be wasted. God will use it if you’ll let him.

So let’s remember together today the goodness of our God to never waste a moment, to faithfully do what only he can do: restore, rebuild, remake, repair. 


Daily Journal Question: Where are the areas of your life where God has “mended” you? Look back over the areas of brokenness you wrote about yesterday. Today, write down how God has mended some broken places in your life.

This post is part of a 31-day series designed to help you Discover Your Calling. To read the introduction and see the post titles in order, click here.31 Days Button - 2

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  1. […] We’re about halfway through this journey to discover your calling. So far, we have looked at the created you, how God fashioned and formed you into a unique individual for his glory. He designed you to function in a way that brings you joy, gifting you with abilities and strengths. In addition to the created you we have also looked at the fallen you and how God has shepherded you through your entirely unique life story: the high points, the low points, the heroes, and the healing. […]

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