Day 14: Your brokenness

You can’t ignore the broken places.

So far on this journey to discover your calling, you have been asking yourself, “How has God created me to live?” We have been focusing on the creation part of you, your natural gifts, strengths, and abilities. We have recently turned to your life story, looking at the moments when you really enjoyed being you. We also made a list of heroes, people who encourage and inspire you to be your best you. Hopefully by now you are beginning to glimpse some themes emerging that will help shape your understanding of your calling.

I wish we could stop with creation. If there had been no fall, we could. We would all still be in the garden, fully living the way God created us to live. There would be no need to talk about sin or brokenness. But the fall happened, and we live daily with the consequences. We sin. We are sinned against. And sin breaks things… relationships, hopes, dreams, purpose.


If you look honestly at your life story, it is surely made up of more than high peaks and heroes. Your story also hides valleys and villains. These parts of our stories we would rather not remember, much less revisit. But the valleys and the villains, the broken parts of your story, are key to uncovering your calling.


Because God is in the business of mending broken things.

And often, the healed places are the strongest. The places where we’ve been broken and put back together? That’s where the power lies. That’s where our passions stir. Those places hold weight and promise and hope for the people around us.

When we find that power and passion, we find our calling. 

So today we “go there.” Recall the places in your life when you’ve been broken, either by your own sin or the sin of someone else.


Don’t worry, we’ll talk about the mending tomorrow.

Daily Journal Question: Where is the brokenness in your life? Look over the life story divisions you made on Day 12 and think about the low points that occurred in each section. Write down the ways you’ve been broken either by your own sin or the sin of others.

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