Day 10: Using your strengths at work

Now that you’ve taken the online strengths assessment and highlighted the parts you feel describe you, we’re going to take a couple of days to think through how your strengths show up in your everyday life. Hopefully you’re gaining a better understanding of what your individual strengths look like and you can probably already see how you’re using them.

Today we’re going to look closely at your “work life.” Whether or not you have a paying 9-5 job, I want you to take a close look at the work that you do with the bulk of your time. Brainstorm how you use your strengths in your workplace. Do you use some of them? All of them? None of them (hope not!)?

Think through a typical day on the job and see where your strengths show up. Write a paragraph describing how you currently use your strengths in your job. I asked my friend, Amber, to do this and this is what she came up with:

I am currently using several of my strengths as an Office Manager.  I love making things as efficient and simple-to-follow as possible.  This means that we follow routines and systems that I have designed where we need a little more structure (Consistency).  I also enjoy checking back in on those systems and processes and making them even more efficient.  I can practically look at situations and see what needs to be done next (Discipline).  Oftentimes after a staff meeting, I have a to-do list and knock it out as quickly as possible.  I have a difficult time not taking action after we discuss an idea or plan – it is instinctual for me to take action and get to work – even if the plan isn’t perfectly made yet (Activator).  The driving force behind all of my strengths is a need for things to be ‘as they were made to be’ (Harmony)- I seek a steady rhythm and appreciate when all things fall into place exactly as I planned them.  Underneath all things work-related and life-related, I feel responsible for the decisions I make and I will do anything to stay true to my word.  My friends and co-workers describe me as honest, dependable, and practical.

Your turn!

Daily Journal Question: How are you currently using your strengths in your job? Write a paragraph describing how you live out your strengths in your place of work.

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