Day 7: Your sweet spot

For the past few days, we have been diving into your deep gladness. Yesterday you made an important list. On this list are things that you enjoy doing AND you’re good at doing them.

These are the places where you’ve found your sweet spot.

IMG_1970Today I’d like you to look over that list with a magnifying glass. I’d like for you to look for some common themes you see in your sweet spot moments. For example, as you look over your list, what are the circumstances surrounding your moments? Are you outside or inside? With people or alone? Working with things or ideas? See what themes surface as you examine your “sweet spot” moments. These themes will be important to discovering your calling.

Funny thing about these themes… you’ve probably been carrying them around awhile. Themes are versatile, flexible things. They can show up when we’re on the playground in the 3rd grade and again in a college classroom and again in your first “real job.” They will show up at home, at work, at church, with your co-workers, your family, and your friends.

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve wrestled with the idea of calling is this:

You are who you are no matter where you are.

Your sweet spot themes will show up in all kinds of places and circumstances, because you carry yourself with you wherever you go! My husband is a great example of this. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has loved starting new projects ever since he was a little kid. Here is a description of his “sweet spot” in his own words:

It was not just another October day in 1980 for me. On this defining day, every teacher in each classroom collected from the students their entries into the school’s annual Spaghetti Fund-Raiser Poster Contest. The call was to recruit and deploy an army of little advertisers to storm the town and build our elementary school’s revenue. Little did I know that it would be a significant event in discovering my calling.

The previous day, I had stared at a blank poster board, tapping on the table with my Crayola marker.  As I dreamed, many visions came to mind.  Landing upon the best, I roamed the house and found a Frisbee and a saucer.  Surely they would do the trick!  Placing the Frisbee upon the table, I traced an enormous belly.  The saucer outlined a nice head. Fifteen minutes later, I sat back and looked upon my creation. I loved it! And, days later, so did the judges. My jolly old, spaghetti-eating, semi-obese man landed me first prize. In the days following the announcement, my poster was displayed in the school office’s front window. I walked by it  for many days, proudly admiring my work.

Every day since, I’m looking for a similar challenge. Because I believe that I’m called to create something that winsomely draws people together to build something significant. Through the years, I’ve applied my calling in many ways; from designing and building a house for our family to starting a church to bless our community.  I guess you can see that the challenges have gotten bigger than a school poster contest.  But that fall day was perhaps the sweetest.   It was the first day that I responded to the call.

As my husband began to look for his “sweet spot,” he found the theme of “drawing people together to build something significant.”

Your turn!

Daily Journal Question: Look closely at the list you made on Day 6. This list should describe “sweet spot” moments in your life. What themes do you see in the list? What do your “sweet spot” moments have in common?

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