Day 5: What are you good at doing?

Yesterday you made a list of of things you enjoy. Today we’re going to brainstorm what you’re good at doing. Maybe this list will help get you started (It’s not my list. I’m terrible at spreadsheets. And even worse at basketball.):IMG_3346

  • Listening.
  • Balancing the budget.
  • Organizing closets.
  • Giving gifts.
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Throwing parties.
  • Basketball.
  • Remembering people’s names.
  • Creating beautiful spaces.

This list will be a little different than yesterday’s list.  It’s a harder list to make. It feels self-serving, like you’re bragging. But you need to make it. The skills you have are important to discovering your calling.

How do you know what you’re good at doing? Here are some clues:

  • You’re already doing it.
  • You get asked to do it often.
  • You get good feedback after you do it. People will often say, “you’re good at that.”
  • You don’t have to think too much when you’re doing it. It comes “naturally” so to speak.

So, go ahead. Write it down. Even if it seems insignificant, put it on the list. If you’re having trouble, ask someone close to you, “What am I good at?” Sometimes others can see what we can’t see in ourselves.

Daily Journal Question: What are you good at doing? Take a few minutes and make a list of everything you can think of that you’re good at doing. Include it all; nothing is insignificant!

31 Days Button - 2This post is part of a 31-day series designed to help you Discover Your Calling. To read the introduction and see the post titles in order, click here.

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