Day 2: Called

You have been called.

Chosen. Picked. Selected. Set apart.

But the story of your calling began long before you were born.

God created a perfect world, back in the beginning. The people God created to live in this world knew Him intimately. They were even accustomed to taking late afternoon strolls with Him through the beautiful garden He gave them to work in and enjoy. They knew God completely, and they were completely known by Him. Everything was as it was meant to be.


Enter, the villain. He invades the scene in the form of a snake and lures Adam and Eve away from walking with God, feeding them enough lies and forbidden fruit to convince them to walk with him instead. They fall for it, and everything falls apart. The man and the woman turn on God, turn on each other, and as a result, must leave their lovely home. As the world fills with more people, the world fills with more deception and lies, leading to more broken relationships and a broken creation. Nothing is as it should be any longer.

But the Creator God is not content to leave the story here. He is not into tragic endings, you see. Instead, He sets about rescuing the world and bringing His people, whom He still loves very much, back to Him. In order to be close to God, however, their wrongs must be made right and their debt cancelled. But His wayward children are completely unable right their own wrongs. They’re unwilling, even. They need someone to help them.

So God sends the only one qualified to right the wrongs of the world: his Son. Jesus came to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. He lived the perfect life that we could never live. He cancelled the debt we owe to God by dying the death we should have died. He is the reconciler. The wrong-righter. Because of what Jesus has done, we can be close to God again.

One day, there will be a new garden. A new paradise. And those of us who have trusted Jesus to save our lives will once again be able to walk with God in the cool of the day. Once again, everything will be exactly as it was created to be.


Until then, God is undertaking a “supreme reformation project” in our world (Cornelius Plantinga). God is working to make everything right again. And guess what? He invites us to work alongside Him. In fact, he’s created you with a certain job in mind. There’s a particular contribution to the project He has designed you to make.

Want to know what that is?

That’s your calling.

Daily Journal Question: When was the last time you had the feeling that everything was right with the world? That everything was as it should be? What were the circumstances? What were you doing? Take some time to write or type your answer in your journal.

31 Days Button - 2This post is part of a 31-day series designed to help you Discover Your Calling. To read the introduction and see the post titles in order, click here.

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