Great Discipleship Resource

Make, Mature, Multiply is on the shelves!

See below for a description of the book and how to order a copy for yourself. It will be a valuable resource for you as you seek to live as a disciple and make new disciples of Jesus:

MMM cover


Discipleship is a word most Christians know, but few can define. Is discipleship about reading the Bible or praying every day? Is it about sharing the gospel with strangers? Is it about striving to be like Jesus? While these are aspects of being a disciple, Scripture tells us that there is much more.

Make, Mature, Multiply aims to help you become a disciple who truly understands the full joy of following Jesus. With a wide range of chapters from some of today’s most battle-tested disciple-makers, this book is designed for any Christian seeking to know more about being a fully-formed disciple of Jesus who makes, matures, and multiplies fully-formed disciples of Jesus.


Purchase a paperback copy at Amazon or a digital copy at GCD.

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