Articles published!

Things have been quiet around here lately at the kitchen stool blog. That’s because things have been anything but quiet on my actual kitchen stools! Our family has had a whirlwind of a few months as we welcomed our foster baby back in February and tried to usher our oldest through his last semester of high school, helping him make big decisions about his future all along the way.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about discipling our teenagers, particularly in the tough times, and recently scratched out an article about it. The folks over at Gospel Centered Discipleship have published it on their website today! If you’d like to read it, look for Raising Teens in the Shadows over at GCD.

GCD will also publish a book I’m super excited about in a couple of weeks. It’s a collection of their “best of” articles on discipleship called Make, Mature, and Multiply.  (They’ve graciously included an article of mine, so I’m excited to see it in print!) If you’d like to help promote the book and be a part of GCD’s “Street Team,” then click on the link below, give these trusted folks your basic info, and they’ll be in touch about how you can help with promo. You’ll get a FREE copy of the book out of it, too!

Thanks for reading and helping spread the word about this upcoming discipleship resource! Click here to join the Street Team:

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