Back to the basics

Can I remind you of something?

God created you to love him. To be close to him. Your relationship with God is designed to give your life purpose, hope, and the kind of meaning that makes you want to get out of bed every morning. This is the way you were made to live.

But you’ve got a problem. You can’t be close to God. God is holy, and you aren’t. And you can only be close to God if you’re holy. But it’s only 11:15 in the morning and you’ve probably already seen how unholy you are. And the news gets worse. The unholy die alone. And will stay alone forever.

Is this your future? Are you destined to live out of step with life? To die without ever living?


Jesus has done for you what you could never do for yourself. He lived the perfect life you aren’t living. He is holy. And in his perfect holiness, he volunteered to die in your place, to die the lonely death that should have been yours.

And in so doing… he made you holy.

He took the punishment that your unholy self deserved. He erased the debt you owed to God. He gave you his holiness as a gift.

You know what that means. If you believe this truth and accept this gift, you can live as you were meant to live. Relating to God all day, every day, as a beloved daughter. A beloved son. There is no distance between the two of you. Even when you continue to mess up, Jesus’s gift still stands. You’re still holy.

You can live, and die happy in order to live some more!

This is the truth. This is the gospel, and no wonder we call it good news.


My word for 2014 is basic. I need to get back to the basics of the gospel and the basics of living real. I need to remind myself of the gospel every day.

You might need to do the same.

And when it comes to discipling others, I’m going to focus on the basics this year. I’m going to ask the people in my life this question…

“Can I remind you of something?”

And then I’m going to remind them of the gospel (see above). I’m going to try to ask this question regularly… at the dinner table, before my kids leave for school, when I’m meeting with someone one-on-one.

I’m going to keep it simple. Basic.

I especially want to do this with my teenage daughter who I think needs to hear these truths in a fresh way (don’t we all?). I’m going to try to get a little creative with her this year as I remind her of the gospel on a weekly basis. I’m creating an online devotional for girls to do with their moms or mentors in order to share what we’re learning in the process. It will be fun, interactive, and (dare I attempt it?) cool. 🙂 Feel free to pass on the link to anyone you think might benefit from joining us.

For some reason, all of this feels very vulnerable. This kind of truth strips everyone bare, me included. But that’s what I need. And I sense the people around me need it, too. The basics.

Want to join me in remembering and reminding?


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