I am blessed to have people in my life who are activators. They see something that needs to be done, and they do it. Or they feel convicted to make a change, and they make it. Right away.

I am not an activator. I am a thinker, dweller, ponderer and maybe-never-get-around-to doing-it kind of person. That’s why I’m so grateful for people like my husband, John, and my friend, Cathy. They act, inspiringly quickly, on what they believe they need to do.

Cathy moved to our area a year and a half ago. We immediately connected at church, and it wasn’t long before I started talking to her about discipleship. Though she was new to the area and our church family, within a few months she had agreed to “take on” two young ladies for discipleship. I began to hear stories of her meeting with these girls regularly in her home, making cappuccinos and talking about the gospel.

Cathy read my blog post recommending One-to-One Bible Reading in November. Recently she texted to tell me that she read the book and felt nudged to invite her non-believing friend to read the Bible with her. Her friend said yes. They started last week.

I had lunch with Cathy a few weeks ago, and she shared with me her “life plan” that she was in the process of developing. Somewhat reluctantly, she admitted the Lord might be prompting her to cut back on how much time she and her kids spend at the pool. (She swims in a Master’s Class and all 3 of her kids are on a swim team.) She was struggling with the decision because of how much her kids love to swim, her personal need for exercise, the community she has developed at the pool, etc. etc. “How can I give this up??” was written all over her face.

But within a few days I got another text: “Kids are officially off the swim team…”

Later that same day, she texted again with an interesting story. That evening she had run into one of the girls she was discipling at a local bookstore. She hadn’t been able to get together with this gal lately due to time constraints, and quickly saw that this young lady was having a hard time. They were able to talk a while, and Cathy bought her a book she thought might encourage her. They made plans to begin meeting together again.

If Cathy had been at the pool that day, she might not have had time to run by the bookstore.

Praise God for activators. They get it done. They are not so afraid of making mistakes that they miss the opportunities God is giving them. When they sense God leading, they go for it, even it when it costs them something. Friends like Cathy make me want to take a deep breath and jump in the pool with them. Or get out of the pool, as the case may be. 🙂


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